Real Name: Nicholas Nemeth
Ring Name: Dolph Ziggler
Born: July 27, 1980
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 213 lb
Billed From: Hollywood, Florida

Mini Bio: Nemeth signed a development contract with WWE in 2004, and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He was brought up to the Raw brand in 2005 as Kerwin White's sidekick. He was, however, sent back to OVW shortly afterwards, where he joined the Spirit Squad. They debuted on Raw in January 2006, and won the World Tag Team Championship once before returning to OVW that November. (» Read More?)

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Mar 16th,
WWE Live Event Results – March 15, 2014
Filed in Live Event | Author: admin

Laredo, Texas:

Dolph Ziggler & Emma beat Fandango & Summer Rae in a mixed tag match. During the match, Emma dropped Summer Rae into Fandango’s now-scrambled eggs.

Feb 24th,
Raw Backstage Pass Coverage – February 24, 2014
Filed in Raw Backstage Pass | Author: admin

Byron Saxton is backstage with Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods, who discuss how amazing Raw was tonight.

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Feb 24th,
WWE App Exclusive – Dolph Ziggler is a Hulkamaniac
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Feb 24th,
Countdown Coverage – February 24, 2014
Filed in Countdown | Author: admin

Dolph Ziggler is featured discussing the top catchphrases in WWE history.

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Feb 22nd,
2014 Power Rankings – February 22, 2014
Filed in Power 25 | Author: admin
This Week Movement Superstar Last Week
19 Dolph Ziggler
A SmackDown win over Titus O’Neil propels The Showoff into the 19-spot this week.

Feb 21st,
WWE App Exclusive – Dolph Ziggler speaks on the WWE App
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Jan 28th,
Raw Coverage – January 27, 2014
Filed in Raw | Author: admin

Battle of Cleveland Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Miz fights out of a headlock and knees Dolph, then he hits a corner clothesline and follows with an axe handle smash attempt but Dolph dropkicks him midair. Dolph applies a sleeperhold but Miz breaks it and kicks him in the face, then he calls for a Skull Crushing Finale but Dolph counters with a DDT attempt. Miz counters that with a backbreaker and follows with a Figure Four, then Dolph gets a rope break so Miz tries to reapply the hold. Dolph counters with a rollup attempt but Miz reverses it, then they break and Dolph catches him with a Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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Jan 8th,
Update on Dolph
Filed in Uncategorized | Author: admin

As reported, Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion in the match against Ryback at Monday night’s WWE Superstars taping. has followed up with Dr. Amann. Amann noted that Ziggler’s concussion symptoms are starting to improve some today. Ziggler will be seeing a neuropsychologist in Pittsburgh later this week for further evaluation. Ziggler’s status will be day-to-day as his symptoms improve.

It was also reported that there was heat on Ryback for injuring Ziggler with the stiff clothesline. Word is that Ryback is taking full responsibility for what happened. The fact that Ziggler is being sent to Pittsburgh to see a neuropsychologist could be a bad sign.


Dec 17th,
Raw Spoilers – December 23, 2013
Filed in Spoilers | Author: admin

Click below to be spoiled!

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Dec 16th,
Raw Coverage – December 16, 2013
Filed in Raw | Author: admin

Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

Dolph catches Fandango with a dropkick and sends him outside, but Fandango hits a quick clotheslines and dances around before rolling Dolph back in. Fandango kicks Dolph in the back of the head before they slug it out, then Fandango hits a heel kick for a two count before slapping Dolph. Fandango applies a headlock but Dolph fights out, then he hits the ropes but Dolph rolls him up for the surprise win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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